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Cheap Bottle Sparklers has the best Champange Bottle Service Sparklers, Big Birthday Cake Candle Sparklers, and VIP Bottle Service Sparklers in the industry. Not only are we a retailer, but we also have extensive distribution and wholesale accounts that we have acquired over the years.
So you have been searching the internet for these Bottle Service Sparklers and could not find them correct?  Well your efforts have paid off.  Cheap Bottle Sparklers are always in stock and ready to go.

I've heard the stories over and over and over again,

"Thank you guys for introducing these to us, we have tripled our bottle service for the first time ever.  We are definately going to be purchasing every month forever."  New York

"You guys are the best, thanks for delivering the Champagne Bottle Sparklers so quick, we were in Vegas and saw them being used and wanted them for our Club and it has definately increased our bottle sales and our customers, So Thank you very much and the cocktail sparklers are ridiculously awesome.... Thanks Again" California

"Hey Guys, between the LED foam sticks, The Champagne Sparklers, The Xpress iGlazzis, and the Cocktail sparklers we have had to hire 3 new wait staff to our Club as we can't keep up with all the requests, thank you so much and look at your email I just placed a new large order...  Thanks"  Miami Florida

"Definately a customer for life thank you for your help and for delivering so quickly"  Georgia

"You are GOD sent.  I could not find these in Canada for my life, thank you"  Quebec, Canada

As you see these are just a few of our happy customers that tested our products and got results, we could post more but whats the point we think you get it.  VIP bottle service is a service that should be upheld to high standards as these members are paying for it.  If they don't get the service at your Club they will find a club to get it from.  So it doesnt matter where you are whether in Canada (champagnesparkler.ca) or in the United States, your sparklers are a few clicks away.

A bottle presentation with cheapbottlesparklers.com sparklers is a showstopper, impossible for anyone at a club or event to miss. Everyone knows who bought the bottle of champagne. As soon as one bottle is ordered, more are ordered throughout the club. Everyone wants a sparkling procession to make his or her party the center of attention!

Nightclubs and restaurants are also using cheapbottlesparklers.com, champagne bottle sparklers as a cake decoration, which is why these sparklers are often called “Big Birthday Cake Sparklers.” They make fantastic sparkling cake candles; the spike at the bottom of the sparkler is perfect for sticking into the top of the cake. These sparklers can really spark the revenue of your business or event…the more people see one…the more they want one.

Each sparkler is a 5-inch long tube with a small plastic spike, which can be removed, used to hold the sparkler, or to stand the sparkler in a cake. With their beautiful spark spray, with little smoke and no ash, they burn more like a fountain than a traditional sparkler. The soft crackling, branching white sparks shoot 6-8 inches high and burn for about 45-50 seconds each. The sparks from champagne bottle sparklers burn up in the air so; they don't drip ash, any burning particles or threaten your customer’s safety. The sparklers light instantly, with just a touch of any flame…it’s time to light up your party, event, or business!

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